Holland, A Country Full of Flowers 

Known to many now as "The Netherlands," or "Nederland" in Dutch, Holland is made of of two provinces: North and South. The area of Holland is located on the West Coast of The Netherlands, protected form the sea by large dunes and windmills that help to drain flood waters from the region. 

Many associate Holland with Tulips, and in fact the first Tulip was planted in Dutch soil in 1593, ushering in what is now called "The Garden of the World." Today, in the spring-time, this land is blanketed with flowers of ever variety and color. The view can only be described as a natural masterpiece and it brings with it a thriving economy based on this natural wonder. 

Buying Flowers More Often

Sunflowers by Desiree.jpg

The culture of Holland is built around the beauty of their flowers and the joyful atmosphere they create. Flowers are embedded in our very lives for all occasions, happy or sad, and help us to show affection, remorse, or a warm welcome. This is all the more reason why fresh flowers are so important; they say that you truly care for the person receiving them. 

These days flowers have become something easily picked up from the local grocery or sent through a 1-800 number. We at Always Always want to make flowers personal and special again. Purchasing flowers on a regular basis for your home, your office, or even someone you love, can bring joy and peace to your life and the lives of those around you. 

We Bring You the Freshest Flowers 

Our shop is always full of the freshest flowers you can find. Everything from locally grown, straight from our Athens area growers, to international flowers direct from Holland and around the world. 

Our Holland Flower girl is the symbol of our shop. Her purpose is to spread joy through her flower and she reminds us of our purpose every day. We hope you'll come see her and the rest of us here, at Always Always Flowers.